eduroam services

The main objective of the project is the construction of infrastructure and implementation of eduroam services-simple and secure roaming for people involved in science and the higher education environment in Poland (staff and students of scientific and academic institutions). In addition to the establishment of a skeletal infrastructure, it is assumed to create a significant number of access points in order to obtain the critical mass necessary for later spontaneous development of the service.

Thanks to eduroam services, the staff and students of science will have simple but also controlled access to the Internet across all the institutions included in the service, both in Poland and throughout Europe. Using eduroam is as simple as using a mobile phone. Just run the device in the eduroam network coverage and after a while you can surf the Internet. Eduroam services operate through a combination of servers managing wireless networks of institutions via the structure of the eduroam proxy server.

Eduroam services are becoming increasingly common in Europe but in Poland the number of institutions in which they can be used is far too small. Propagation of these services requires the achievement of a critical mass, which is the main objective of the Project. Promotion of secure wireless networks in the Polish scientific and academic environment will constitute the spin-off.

We assume the purchase of 21 wireless sets, one for each institution members of the PIONIER Consortium, 22 regional servers and 2 eduroam national servers. Each set will contain 50 radio access points which will be installed in institution networks of the PIONIER Consortium members. The installation sites will be selected taking into account the possibility of access not only to persons connected with the institution, but also other academic-scientific institutions connected to the network of the city of the PIONIER Consortium member. The proposal also provides maintenance of the services and development works for 36 months estimated as the time needed to stabilize the implemented system and put in place the appropriate number of connections.

Manager of eduroam services: Tomasz Wolniewicz

Assistant Manager: Zbigniew Ołtuszyk