Campus services

Campus services will be constructed on the basis of the innovative computing-service infrastructure, with nationwide coverage, providing applications on-demand, capable of providing a wide range of users from academic and research environments elastic, scalable access to specific applications, both in MS Windows, and Linux systems, taking into account the needs of specific workgroups in these environments. In particular, it will offer the following service functionality:

  • remote work with interactive applications (graphic applications) in MS Windows environment (eg Matlab / Simulink graphic tools AutoCad, Corel);
  • running virtual machines on-demand (running MS Windows or Linux) is dedicated to the working environment for user's applications, such as a researcher, programmer and graphic artist;
  • possibility of creating a virtual mini-cluster on the needs of the particular user, such as a laboratory for a group of students or researchers who are using certain applications;
  • ordering batch tasks, such as scene animations, visualizations.

Campus services will be carried out by 20 MAN and KDM units equipped with local clusters connected by the PIONIER network. The choice of technology, hardware and application software configuration have been made taking into account the functional and economic parameters as well as user's needs. The integration of services already existing ones in PIONIER network, MAN and archiving services will take place. Implementation of the so-called. "last mile" on the basis of metropolitan and regional networks will ensure the appropriate quality of access.

User's access to the system will be uniform and independent of its physical location. This will be allowed by the superior layer of management, responsible for directing requests to appropriate members of local clusters, and subsequently to their nodes. The software's management and administrative layer will be based on open source and Microsoft solutions. The direct support, which will be offered by contractors is also vital. Partners in the 20 centers will run support points for users receiving services.

Manager of Campus services: Roman Wyrzykowski

Assistant Manager: Marek Zawadzki