Videoconference services

The Videoconference system aims to establish audio-visual communication between the MAN (Metropolitan Area Networks) and the HPCCs (High Performance Computing Centers) - members of the PIONIER network. Connections will be supported using its own network infrastructure operating in IP technology. Since the PIONIER network, as well as most of MANs have a quick 10 GigabitEthernet skeleton, there are no significant limits on the available bandwidth and transmission delays for videoconferencing.

Communication will be established using a, specially designed and arranged for this purpose, videoconference room (in order to obtain the best quality of video and audio broadcast), but there will also be a possibility to move the terminal to other facilities (laboratories, lecture halls, etc.). It will also be possible to carry out simultaneous videoconferences between all the MAN centres, as well as many concurrent videoconferences in smaller groups. The conference will be archived with the possibility to play it back subsequently.

The videoconference system solution will be flexible and will allow its other potential applications, as well as the subsequent extension of the system. Apart from the main monitor, of at least 52 inches, it will be possible to connect the terminal to the second monitor or projector for computer presentations. The camera will be remotely controlled with a wide range of choice of direction, tilt and zoom, with the possibility of remembering frequently used settings. Except the main camera and microphone, it will be possible to connect an additional PC, second camera, DVD player, etc.

Devices which control the collation of the connections will be located in two PIONIER network nodes. One node will act as a primary server and the second one as a backup. Since the two nodes will be identically equipped, and since both nodes will still be active, it will be possible to pursue a parallel scenario- the simultaneous use of both servers for a larger load.

Manager of Videoconference services: Mścisław Nakonieczny

Assistant Manager: Marek Bazyly