Science HD TV services

Science HD TV services, implemented in the PIONIER network environment, will ensure the possibility of producing, archiving and accessing the audiovisual content delivered in HD technology on scientific topics for the scientific environment and society. The implementation of this objective requires the development and launch of an integrated service platform consisting of production and management tools but also emission and storage contents, which will constitute a dispersed system of distribution and sharing of an HD content in "live"/"on demand" mode, being an environment sharing services in "Application on demand" mode.

The project will launch the infrastructure consisting of studios of production (6 pieces), recording studios (15 pieces) and the transmission car - a mobile production studio located in leading units of MAN and KDM centres. The equipment will enable the production of the audiovisual materials in form of programmes and "live" transmissions as well as placing them in the content repositories (2 pieces), or emissions. The content will be made available through the dispersed HD Content Delivery System, placed in the PIONIER network. The system nodes will be located in 5 centres (Regional Data Centres - level I nodes and proxy/cache facilities- level II distribution nodes) and the remaining 16 centres ( proxy/cache facilities- level II distribution nodes) of the urban networks in Poland. This solution causes that all the MAN networks, in particular their users gathered in the PIONIER Consortium, will obtain a reliable and scalable access to the high-quality HD audiovisual services.

At the same time, the project will run 5 emission systems, allowing to create, manage and broadcast virtual "live" video channels in HD quality. The programmes will contain audiovisual materials from the content repositories and "live" transmission encoders, responsible for preparing the signal from the production studios or outdoor events ( including events taking place outside the production studios, such as: academic events, conferences, workshops etc.). Moreover, the project will set up an environment providing services in "Application on Demand" mode to facilitate the integration of the platform.

Implementation of Science HD TV services will provide scientific environment with access to an integrated audiovisual platform supporting full cycle of life of a digital content. These services enable the creation, publication and access to audiovisual content in HD quality on a nationwide scale, satisfying the needs of the scientific environment in Poland. It is worth underlining that the projected service is unique both on a European and global scale, on account of the functionality and complexity of the proposed solution.

Manager of Science HD TV services: Cezary Mazurek

Assistant Manager: Mirosław Czyrnek